Banking + Insolvency Services

Our Banking and Insolvency team is headed by Michael Lynam. We act on behalf of many leading financial institutions and the firm understands and prides itself on the development of solid working relationships with Bank personnel which is fundamental to our ability to provide and deliver a high quality, cost effective, flexible and open approach.

We offer a broad range of services to include:

Corporate Restructuring / New Lending
We advise many of Ireland’s leading financial institutions in relation to a wide variety of lending transactions, including commercial property investments, asset finance and developments, finance projects. The services include the drafting and approval of facility letters, preparing a diverse range of security documentation together with title investigations of commercial and residential properties. We offer a competitive fixed rate pricing structure which is negotiable to the satisfaction of the Lending Institution.

Security reviews
We have maintained our fixed price rate to carry out clear and concise security reviews and adopt a fair, reasonable, pragmatic and commercial approach to the rectification of any title and security issues.

Insolvency / Receiverships
We work closely with both the Banks and all the main insolvency practitioners and continue our practice of offering competitive rates to such Receivers which allow matters to progress successfully and maintain the good relationship between the Bank, the Firm and the Receiver. We advise the Receivers on the validity of their appointments, the marketability of the title, and the ultimate disposal of the asset.

Litigation / Contentious Matters
The firm continues to adopt a sensitive and commercial approach in relation to the institution of legal proceedings against Borrowers. The firm understands that the institution of such proceedings is the Bank’s position of last resort and the firm employs a panel of Barristers/third party advisers who have agreed and continue to work with us to provide a competitive fee arrangement with the Bank in order to keep costs and outlays to a minimum.


For further information on Banking and Insolvency Services please contact Margaret Rowley on +353 1 634 5887.

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